Whitetail Deer Hunts and Mule Deer Hunts

Trophy rifle and archery deer hunts.

  • 5 Days Fully Guided
  • Lodging food and drinks included
  • $6,500 (+1,500 170″ and above)

Well I almost forgot to tell you about the largest Whitetail Buck I ever shot this fall! Watched him for days while sitting in a kick ass elevated blind on the property , placed in the perfect position! Made all the difference to observe and harvest that incredible deer.

DR. Z Hunter

Wild Turkey Hunts

  • 3 Day Hunts
  • Lodging food and drinks included
  • $1,200

Oh and did I mention that huge Boss Gobbler Tom Turkey that had 1 1/2” spurs , was 22 #s from Alex‘s property…. And I tell you what, there’s still more for fun to come! Getting back there quick as I can!

DR. Z Hunter

Waterfowl Hunts

Hunt ducks and geese from in-ground and above-ground heated blinds on 24 irrigated crop circles (Duck boat hunts are also available).

  • Guided and non-guided hunts are available​​.
  • $400-$750 per hunter per day.

Upland Bird Hunts

Pheasants and other species available upon request.

  • Contact us for pricin

One of the best Duck Hunts I have ever been on!

DANIEL HORNER Professional Shooter

Predator Hunts

Day and night ground hunts for coyotes and varmints.

  • $500-750 per shooter
  • Professional guide included
  • Elevated Blinds on Timed Feeders
  • Vehicle Mounted Thermal Imagers
  • The Latest and Greatest Thermal Imaging Scopes and Suppressed Rifles

Predator Hunting, daytime and with night vision. Scored a big coyote at 3 AM. Came in after an hour of coyote calling when Alex Finally fooled that Wiley coyote! Sent him to Paradise with a little whisper! Spent the whole day on the long range rifle course, sighting in a 50 BMG and a 475 Chi tech. Got both rifles doped out to 1030 yards. then to cap it all off, Was the gunner in Alex’s helicopter in Texas and whacked 74 coyotes in two hours of flight time! That was as much fun as you can have with your pants on!!!

DR. Z Hunter

Shooting range

  • Long Range Shooting Range (1,000 and 2,000 yards)
  • Sporting Clay Course
  • Skeet Range
  • Please contact for pricing and info

Gun Rentals

With over 100 firearms to choose from, we offer a wide range of packages for long range rifle, tactical, shotgun and pistol rentals.  

Need to break in and hone your skills with your own guns? Bring them along and we can tailor your trip from stock to muzzle with training, familiarization and consulting.