We are a full service FFL and also hold a SOT.

Industry partnerships play a vital role in today’s world. Our collaborations are founded on the principles of mutual benefit, shared resources, and a collective drive towards innovation and success using the best products available.

Here at Grassy Knoll Enterprises and 66 Mountain Retreat we partner with the best gear and firearm manufacturers along with a number non profits that provide support to those who need it. We have a full service pro shop for all of gear you might need or don’t know you need yet

Throughout using the best products available, we have strong relationships and alliances when it comes to giving back to our Veterans.  All of our sponsors and partners come together every year for fundraising shoots and developmental programs focusing on Healing and Reintegration after careers serving our country.

If your organization and or company would like to work with us and become part of the GRASSY KNOLL AND 66 MOUNTAIN FAMILY.

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